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PTI demands transparent thumb verification of NA-118

PTI Press confernce 31-3-14Lahore: PTI President Ejaz ch said that the election tribunal had ordered the ECP to allow to full thumb verification of NA-118 result as petitioned by the PTI Candidate Hamid Zaman. He said that the PTI had accepted that the govt. must go on but rejected the election result due to rampant rigging.

While addressing a press conference,he said in the 9 months what PTI has said come true as nearly every month one election result was being challenged and on some reason or the other it was evident that the election process was full of flaws making many results dubious. He said that the after a long struggle the famous NA-118 seat had been allow for thumb verification and he hoped that this thumb verification would now take place in a free fair and transparent manner. He said that it was this 118 constituency due to which the govt. had removed NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik when he was about to do the thumb verification exercise for NA-118.

Hamid Zaman PTI candidate for NA-118 said that this is the struggle for justice for common man vote or PTI know that if the system, is not challenged and govt. not pressurize to change it the people of this country will never be able to find those whom have they given vote and elected represented. He said that it was imperative that the govt. carry out this process of thumb verification with full integrity as it would become impossible for the people of this country to keep on coming out to vote knowing that there vote is going to be stolen and replaced.



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