Friday , February 21 2020
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PTI slays govt negligence of 2500 hepatitis patients

Lahore: Dr. Yasmin Rashid Gen Sec PTI  condemned the danger that 2500 hepatitis B and C patients were going through because had failed to supply injections to the doctors headquarters hospitals in Vehari.Dr.Yasmeen Rashid

She said that PML-N govt had the worst record of health in the last six years where every year the health scandals of starting from dengue to 150 people dying in PIC to children dying due to bad cough syrups has now once again been exposed by the dangerous hepatitis B and C patients totaling to 2500 in deprived of their injections by the govt.

She said that the govt was busy spending money on youth festivals and making highways and spending billions on roads while not sparing a few millions to save 2500 lives.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid Gen Sec PTI said that both hepatitis B and C were life taking diseases and without regular treatment and delivery of injections the patients survival rate is very low.

She said that DHQ’s people had admitted that supply of medicines is missing and even after repeated reporting to govt. it was ignore. She demanded from the govt that immediate supply of these injections should be made to these hospitals or every patient who suffer from this or God forbid does not survive hepatitis B n C amount to govt. killing of these patients due to its criminal negligence.

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