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PTI demands inquiry into the Punjab School Education Scandal

Lahore: PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ch has demanded an immediate inquiry into unlawful rejection of the Punjab Curriculum Authority-approved manuscripts based on revised curriculum for Class VIII by Punjab School Education Department.Ejaz Ch
He said the govt. should immediately explain why the school education department assumed the powers of the PCA and reviewed the approved manuscripts and rejected all the 106 manuscripts. He said the PCA was established under the law passed by the Punjab Assembly and had the mandate to review and approve manuscripts for school textbooks.
He said the School Education Department had no legal authority to reject the PCA-approved manuscripts based on revised curriculum.
He said this is a criminal offense as Pakistan education system has suffered massively due to non up-gradation and revision of curriculum. He said that after a long time PCA had recommended 106 manuscripts for class VIII out of which 7 were to be finalized however without any authority Punjab schools education department rejected all seven of them which means that the same 10-year old curriculum will be taught to the students of class 8. He said that it as an open attempt to sabotage the parliamentary democracy by vested interest who are only interested in upgrading a few roads and flyovers in Punjab instead of upgrading the minds of the future of our young children.
Gen Sec Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that the priority of this govt are very clear as education has suffered the most in the 6 years of this govt. She said that the syllabus taught in public schools was so outdated that none of the students coming out of these schools were far behind knowledge than students in India and other countries. She said that this govt had totally failed to provide quality schooling to students and also increase enrollments of the 2.8 million students who were not even able to get schooling in Punjab.

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