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Police announce red alert for today:SSP Rana Abdul Jabbar

SSP Operations Rana Abdul Jabbar Lahore: DIG Operations Rana Abdul Jabbar said that Juma security plan has finalized due to unhappy incident of Rawalpindi and more than10 thousands police official will be deputed in the city. He said that metal detectors and walk-through gates will also be used at all entry points at Imambargas and Masajids  in order to recognize and search every person.

Police will also provide the security to citizens during the prayer of Jumma at Masajids and Imambargas with all his entire sources in order to create the atmosphere of peace in the city.

Rana Abdul Jabbar directed all divisional SPs to start search operation against persons, certain the security of religious places and patrolling in their respective areas, there is no way for anti-state-elements and police will deal them with iron hand. He said to police official that they will act their duty with devotion, any kind of slackness will not be tolerated.

Rana Abdul Jabbar appealed to the administration of Masajid and Imambargahs to assured the parking of vehicles at sufficient distance from religious places to avoid unhappy incident.

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