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Lahore Museum to Introduce Museum Tours

Lahore MuseumLahore:  The Lahore Museum, in collaboration with the National College of Arts (NCA), has introduced special tours of the Museum, both in English and Urdu languages, for the general public and special groups. These guided tours will show visitors highlights of the Lahore Museum’s collection. These tours would be free and run daily, except Friday and Sunday, from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

These guided tours are part of the NCA course entitled, “Weaving Narratives: A Survey of South Asian Visual and Material Culture.” Students from this course have been trained to conduct these tours, under the supervision of Course Instructor and Assistant Professor at the NCA, Ms. Maliha Noorani.

This tour will introduce visitors to the breadth of the Museum’s collection, focusing on the collections’ star objects such as the Fasting Siddharth sculpture in the Gandharan gallery; Mughal textiles and astrolabe in the Islamic gallery; Allah Bux’s fantastical Tilsm-e-Hoshruba; Queen Victoria’s statue; and many more. These tours would aim to facilitate and encourage interest and forge a deeper understanding of Pakistan’s culture history through the arts. Trained tour guides would bring to life these national treasures, through stories, and bring general audiences closer to understanding the rich heritage of Pakistanis.

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