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PTI eight point agenda to hold LB elections

Ijaz Ch,Dr.Yasmeen RashidLahore:  PTI Provincial President Punjab Ejaz Ch, PTI Gen. Secretary Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid and PTI Information Secretary Punjab Andleeb Abbas held a meeting. Ejaz Ch said that it is good that the local body elections date has been extended so that proper free and fair elections can take place he said that this time period should be utilized by the ECP and by the govt. to remove all the flaws of the general elections. In this regard he proposed an eight point agenda which includes the following.

  1. LB elections in Punjab should be held on approved date 30th January and should not be postponed.
  2. Candidates should be given right to appeal against wrong Delimitations of Union Councils.
  3. For holding LB elections very clear and strict regulation should be made and shared with all the stake holders.
  4. Instead of Urdu they should be in Urdu Nomination forms should be printed in Urdu not in English.
  5. Ballad papers should be printed from Govt. Press not from Private printing press, and Magnetic Ink should be used.
  6. LB elections should be held under supervision of Judiciary. DCO, DPO and TMO should not be involved.
  7. Development funds for MNA and MPA should be immediately suspended so it should not be used for personal campaigning.
  8. LB Elections Result should not be within three days but should be announced on the same day. To prevent rigging.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid emphasized that PTI had done extensive selection of candidates in Punjab and would be giving a very tough time to all the parties. She stated that the Punjab govt. will be defeated in its purpose to turn the local govt. elections into a provincial govt. control.

Andleeb Abbas condemned the recent Shia Suuni killing and said that instances in Rawalpindi were a result of complete insecurity in the province resulting from deteriorating economic conditions and lack of governance and law and order. She demanded that the govt. must make a national security plan and implemented otherwise conflicts will keep on spreading in the whole country.


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