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PTI to start processions against price hike from 1st November

Dr Yasmeen RashidLahore: PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ch, Gen. Sec Dr. Yasmin Rashid, Sec. Information Andleeb Abbas severely criticized that at the period where the country was going through grave crises of economic deterioration increasing terrorism, gang rapes and lack of law n order the PM and the CM are busy going to foreign trips where they are treated as slaves and getting nothing for the benefit of the country.
Ejaz Ch said that we demand that the govt. explains why the PM son and family are also on a trip to US where they were not even a state visit funded by US. But the trip funded by the tax payers of Pakistan. He said the that both the CM and PM were out of the country while people of Pakistan were suffering from the highest inflation in the country he announced that PTI will carry out country wide protest on the price hike and the electricity on November 1st to wake up the heartless and the corrupt rulers of this country.

This decision was taken in the core committee meeting of PTI which appreciated PTI Punjab continuous struggle to raise voice against the atrocious rule of CM of Punjab who continues to show his autocratic wins and fancies in cresting the local body bill and increase in the price of wheat and flour. Ejaz ch stated that in the core committee meeting it was decided that the campaign started against Mian Mehmood ur Rashid as an opposition leader will be dealt with on strict grounds and any party member who is found to give the statements on this issue will be issue show cause notices.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that the absence of the CM and PM shows there concern for the rising incidence of dengue and congo fever as due to the lack of focus on health these two diseased which were supposed to be now finished have resurfaced again. She demanded that CM explains, that aside from running advertisements on TV what is the govt strategy to prevent these diseases from taking precious life.

Andleeb Abbas said that the govt. was not serious about either controlling inflation or collecting taxes  on non taxes as the data provided by FBR on which they had claimed to be catching the big fish in the tax net has proven false an ineffective. She demanded that the govt. immediately go for FBR reform and make FBR autonomous where it can catch all the friends and relatives of the Sharif enterprise who have evaded taxes from years.

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