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“Angootha Chaap” assemblies were better than”fake thumbs” govt:Dr Muhammad Afzal

Dr Muhammad AfzalLahore: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Punjab Vice-President and MPA from Bahawalpur Dr Muhammad Afzal has said that by praising Rs 70 billion “Jangla Bus” before the people of South Punjab, who are facing numerous problems, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has sprinkled salt on their wounds.

In his strong reaction to the Chief Minister Punjab’s speech in Bahawalpur, Dr Muhammad Afzal said that by praising white elephant of Jangla bus implemented out of the funds allocated for the South Punjab, he has made mockery of the deprivations of the people of the South Punjab who still love and remember Ch Parvez Elahi for great development role and large number of projects aimed at welfare of the masses of the province whereas Shahbaz Sharif govt has even deprived them of free medicines provided to the patients in the govt hospitals during our tenure and closed down many peoples’ welfare projects of Ch Parvez Elahi like hospitals, schools and roads.

Dr Muhammad Afzal further said that reality of the mandate of N-League has started surfacing and the day bags of fake thumb impressions in the Punjab are also checked like Karachi, the cat will be out of the bag and the govt of “Number 2” mandate will be hiding its face. He said that “angootha chaap” assemblies of the past were million times better than this “fake thumbs” govt who took firm stand against international financial butchers but today this fake thumb govt has thrown the poor people before the international butchers treating them as “bakra”, how the rulers who have created records of dearness (mehngai) in just three months dare to criticise others.

He said that the people of South Punjab have come to know who are their friends and who are their enemies.

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