Friday , July 20 2018
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Motorways police starts awareness campaign

Lahore: NH&MP Central zone have launched a massive awareness and enforcement campaign about dangers of low quality CNG /LPG cylinders and kits. This was stated by DIG Mirza Shakil Ahmad while presided over a meeting with police officer at zonal office here on Thursday. The SSP/Sector Commander Mirza Faran Baig was also present on the occasion.

The DIG Mirza Shakil Ahmad said patrolling officers had so far checked 151, 99  vehicles in which 2055 vehicle had irregularities and violations of safety rules designed by the OGRA in last month. The vehicles involved in violations of rules were sent to concern authorities like sectary RTA and local police for further legal action. He said four categories and violations checked by NH&MP officers, including proper placement of CNG cylinder at designated place, pasting of HDIP stickers (Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan) on cylinders as well on screens, verification of route permits/fitness certificates after installation of CNG kits and usage of LPG.

Zonal Commander Mirza Shakil Ahmad directed the officers to only allow vehicles with certified CNG kits to ply on highways and return the vehicles with unauthorized fitted CNG kits from national highway. He further directed that the trend of roof top fitted CNG cylinders should be discouraged and strict enforcement should be ensured in this regard. He also asked the officers to make all out efforts to make these campaigns successful to maintain the image of NH&MP in public eyes at highest level.

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