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No person died due to dengue fever in Manawala:Spokesman

Lahore:  The Spokesman of Punjab Health Department has said that no person died due to dengue fever in Manawala, district Sheikhupura. The spokesman clarified that Umar Farooq, aged 30, was patient of Hepatitis-C for the last many years and his disease had transformed into Cirrhosis which resulted in his death.

The Spokesman further said that on the publication of news item regarding death of Umer Farooq, EDO Health Sheikhupura, constituted a five-member committee, comprising Specialists, which, after thorough investigation of the incident, has contradicted that his death occurred due to dengue fever.

The Spokesman said that the committee also obtained information from the private doctor who treated the deceased, according to whom, the patient was suffering from Hepatitis-C and when he came to the doctor, his blood pressure was 60/40 and being an old patient of Hepatitis-C, he had become very weak.

The Spokesman said that according to the information provided by the private doctor and the documents, patient Umer Farooq died due to Cirrhosis and low-blood pressure. Furthermore, the doctor informed that there were no symptoms of dengue fever in the deceased, the Spokesman concluded.

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