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Institute for peace organizes a candle Light Vigil

a candle Light Vigil to celebrate International Day of PeaceLahore: Institute for peace and Secular studies organized a candle Light Vigil to celebrate International Day of Peace: In light of the brutal atrocities committed by the militant groups who are easily acquitted by the courts and are allowed to roam free in our societies across Pakistan and are responsible for about 40, 000 deaths of innocent civilians and the Army Jawans who laid their lives in their line of duty.

The Institute of Peace and Secular Studies, in its resolve to change the mindset of people of Lahore and across the nation in general who justify the acts of these mass murderers, held a candle light vigil to Celebrate the International Day of Peace to stress the need of bringing an end to violence, both in their political, militant and religious vigilantism and organized terrorist groups by asking the Government of Pakistan to bring an end to it by placing security of the citizens of Pakistan in priority over protecting the “strategic interest” of its assets. It is a well known fact that in light of the proxies being fought in Pakistan in the name of Jihad, genocide is being strategically committed against the Shias of Pakistan, especially the Hazara Shias, a fact not shown to the international mainstream media.

Moreover, the militant groups and the open sermons given on Fridays by hardcore Mullahs inciting violence against our minorities, Ahmedis in general, in the name of blasphemy is taking place openly while no action is being taken by the authorities’ to bring the culprits to justice, rather a policy of appeasement to them is adhered by the State that protects the violent hardliners and leave the minorities vulnerable and unprotected before them.

IPSS also calls on the Government to review its resolve of complete unconditional surrender (APC) to the known militant outfits in the FATA who are not only responsible for creating Shia-Sunni rifts between the peaceful tribes these, but have also provided safe haven and sanctuaries to global Jihadists there.

IPSS calls for a serious consideration of the civil society and the Government to review its state policy for a better, progressive and secure Pakistan.

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