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Health Department issues warning about Congo Virus

Lahore: Punjab Health Department, in view of the possible spread of Congo fever due to large scale movement of sacrificial animals on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, has put all government hospitals, autonomous medical institutions, private hospitals and EDOs Health of all districts on high alert and directed them to make immediate arrangements for controlling this disease and the treatment of patients.

According to the spokesman of Health Department Punjab, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is a viral disease which is transmitted by “Ticks” found on animals. Ticks present on the skin of animals (sheep, goats, cattle and camels) or at animal sheds act as vector for transmission of CCHF which can spread to medical professionals and others through direct contact with patients suffering from it. He said that as a preventive measure, Health Department has issued a warning to doctors, nurses, paramedical staff as well as common citizens to take precautionary measures against this disease and provide timely treatment to the patients at hospitals. He said that CCHF can be easily transmitted from patient to doctor therefore they should remain extremely careful.

The spokesman further said that the persons engaged in the trading of animals or their look after should also adopt preventive measures. EDOs Health of all districts have been directed to contact officers of Livestock and Dairy Development Department for ensuring spray in the cattle markets, slaughter houses, dairy, Gawala colonies, sacrificial animals sale yards and other animal gathering places.

The spokesman advised the people to ensure examination of diseased animals from veterinary doctor so that transmission of CCHF to human beings could be prevented. The spokesman advised doctors that in case of arrival of any CCHF patient in hospital, case management guideline should be followed in his treatment.

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