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We have to get rid of lingual ,sectarian and provincial prejudices,sectarian and provincial prejudices: Mehnaz Rafi

Lahore : Do away with the darkness of illiteracy by gaining as much knowledge as you can. We have to get rid of lingual ,sectarian and provincial prejudices in order to become true Pakistanis. These were the ideas expressed  by Begum Mehnaz Rafi, convener of the Women Wing, the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and a prominent social and political leader, addressing the students on the tenth day of the one-month Ideological Summer School being run at the Aiwan-i-Karkunaan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan, 100-Shahrah-i-Quaid-i-Azam, Lahore, and jointly organized by the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and the Tehreek-i-Pakistan Workers Trust.

On the occasion Professor Dr. Rafique Ahmad, Vice Chairman of the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust; Professor Dr. Ajmal Khan Niazi, , Rana Muhammad Arshad MPA,Professor Naeem Qasim, a renowned statesmanwere also present. The programme commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran and a na’at and the national anthem.10th-day-19-6-13_Mehnaz-rafi-Ajmal

Begum Mehraz Rafi observed that Allama Iqbal loved the children very dearly and wrote many poems for them. Pakistan, being an ideological state, its citizens have the duty to protect and promote its ideology. Likening the children with birds and flowers, Profess Dr. Ajmal Niazi termed them as the denizens of paradise who could transform the society into a veritable paradise by drawing upon their innocence and purity.

The Doctor, then, aptly observed that each and every one of us would do well to invoke and call upon the innocence and beatitude of our childhood and bring it to bear on the society to fill it with real happiness.

He exhorted the children to grow up to be the true soldiers of the Quaid-i-Azam and endeavour to turn Pakistna into the dream-country of the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He also paid a rich tribute to the role of the Ideological Summer Schook in propagating love for Pakistan.

Rana Muhammad Arshad, an MPA, remarked that the new generation is going to be at the helm of affairs in the future. Dr. Majid Niazami is rendering a great service to the country by imparting ideological education and training to the young generation. The successful competitors in different activities were awarded prizes at the end of the programme.


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