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Zardari conspirated to out us from poll:Shahbaz Sharif

Shahbaz Sharif1Lahore :Former CM Shahbaz Sharif has said that there was a coordinated effort to keep him and his brother out of the parliament and that those behind this conspiracy have now failed. He pointed the finger at Islamabad for hatching this conspiracy against the PML – N leadership.

Talking to media after approval of his nomination papers, He said that the Zardari led PPP Government had pillaged the national exchequer mercilessly for 5 years bringing Pakistan’s economy to its knees. And yet they have the audacity to point the finger at everyone else but themselves. If voted to power, PML – N would do whatever it takes to get the economy back on track even though it would be an extremely tough challenge given the present situation.

He added that while the PPP is making allegations against the PML – N, it is refusing the answer the 80 Billion Rupee corruption in Rental Power Scam, 20 Billion Rupee Pakistan Steel Mill Scam as well as the 4 Billion Rupee PSO corruption case.

The former CM also pointed out that the PPP appointed NAB chairman admitted that there is daily corruption of over 10 Billion Rupees and yet the PPP chooses to play victim while making false allegations on others.

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