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PML-N govt given more rights to woman than anyother:Shahbaz Sharif

CM with a studentLahore: Former CM Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif said that the PML – N’s Punjab Government did more for women’s rights than had been done in the last 65 years. He was addressing a group of PML – N ticket hopefuls, PML – N Women Wing Members and former women parliamentarians.

He said that Punjab Government’s Women Package, which is made up of a series of initiatives, was not just praised within in Pakistan but it also received international recognition.

Under the Women’s Package, no application is required by the family of the deceased in order to divide the inheritance; this was done to ensure that women members of families received their due share of the inheritance.

The former CM added that government holdings including land and houses that were transferred to the people made both the husband and wife equal owners, which is a historical step as no other government has done that in Pakistan. While the PML – N’s government raised the women quota in all government organizations by 33%, those who chant about bringing change explicitly stated that they wanted to get rid of women reserve seats in the parliament.

This highlights the stark contrast of how PML – N sees women as part of Pakistan’s future in comparison to its opponents. And this is why today PML – N enjoys more support among women voters than any other party in Pakistan as evidenced by the fact that the PML – N received more applications for the women’s reserve seats than any other party.

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