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Ch Pervaiz Elahi starts door to door convincing in Gujrat

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League senior central leader and former Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has said that we had provided free education and textbooks up to Matric, now Insha-Allah will provide free education with books up to BA, investment in education means investment in future of Pakistan, on coming into power again will establish new schools and universities, our objective is to remove darkness of illiteracy and poverty from the country.

This was stated by Ch Parvez Elahi on the occasion of joining of PML of N-League and Peoples Party office-bearers of NA-105 Gujrat constituency today. They included N-League Senior Vice-President Mirza Muhammad Afzal, Majid Hussain Chadhar, Ch Sagheer, Imran Gondal, Baba Fazal Hussain, Ch Sajid, Ch Maqsood Haider and Peoples Party’s Jamila Butt and Soofi Liaquat among others.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that provision of free education is manifesto of our party so that illiteracy and poverty are eliminated from the country, common and poor man is focus of our politics, we want that they should be provided maximum opportunities for education of their children and elimination of their poverty. Continuing, Ch Parvez Elahi said that this is why during our tenure as the Chief Minister in Punjab, we had brought 20 lakhs children into the schools as a result of which literacy rate in the province went up whereas we also give the gift of the Gujrat University to the country, during our tenure ten thousand new employment opportunities were created every year, but today educated youth is unemployed, law and order situation has gravely deteriorated, if you want that Pakistan should make progress then make sure that Pakistan Muslim League emerges victorious adding ” I promise to you we will restart wheel of progress and development from where it was stopped”. He said that like we had set in motion wheel of progress and development in Punjab, we will do that all over Pakistan also, those who ruled Punjab thrice and Pakistan twice have given nothing to Pakistan, we had established Wazirabad Cardiology Hospital for providing health care facilities to one crore population but this was not started by Shahbaz Sharif only because it was established by him (Ch Parvez Elahi).

On this occasion Ch Muhammad Aslam, former Provincial Education Minister Mian Imran Masood, Mirza Shafqat Jamil and other leaders were also present. Meanwhile, Ch Parvez Elahi started door to door mass contact campaign today in NA-105 Gujrat during which he was enthusiastically welcomed, profusely garlanded by the voters and rose petals were showered on him from roof tops.

Men, women, young and elders all were expressing their heartfelt happiness on finding Ch Parvez Elahi among other. They were all happy on arrival of Ch Parvez Elahi on provision of sui gas and solving other problems. Elderly women kissed his forehead and prayed for becoming the prime minister while little girls presented him bouquets.

Ch Parvez Elahi was seemingly very much moved emotionally on this expression of love and gratitude from the people of his ancestral constituency. He said repeatedly that he and his family will continue serving them.

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