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Aleem Khan returns party ticket

Aleem KhanLahore: Another conflict has risen in PTI when party’s Lahore president Aleem Khan and his group’s leaders has returned party tickets for the forth coming election in protest against the parlimentarian board decisions.

According to the Aleem Khan,Hamid Khan and his group was delibrately ignored his team and gave tickets to those candidates who even could not compete the elections.As a party’s Lahore president,his opnion should be given weightage atleast for the candidates who were going to contest elections in Lahore.

Hamid Khan has given tickets to those candidates who could not produce positive results so he and his friends has decided to return the tickets.He return back both the tickets issued for him from NA-127 and PP-147. PTI candidate from NA-123 Mian Hamid Meraj,NA-130 Talib Sindhu,PP_156 Ahsan Rasheed,PP-146 Jamshaid Iqbal Cheema has also returned the party tickets.

Meanwhile,PTI vice president Mian Mehmood ul Rasheed has condemned the attitude of the Aleem Khan and said it was a cheap way to black mail the chairman Imran KHan.He said Imran never black mailed to anyone in the past and would never bow to these black mailers.

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