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JI urges OIC, Muslim rulers to stop killings in Myanmar

Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hassan has called upon the Muslim rulers and the OIC high ups to approach the UN Secretary General and important world leaders to stop the genocide of Myanmar Muslims.

In a press statement here on Tuesday, he said that thousands of Myanmar Muslims had been put to death so far and their homes and mosques had been demolished in the one of the worst tyranny in human history but the world conscience was not moved. Even the Foreign office in Islamabad was fast asleep over the issue.

He said that the people branding the Muslims as terrorists and extremists were dumb over the carnage of Muslims in Myanmar while the US, the so called champion of human rights was engineering this killing in a most shameless manner. It was a pity that even the Muslim rulers and the OIC did not dare to speak on this carnage.

Syed Munawar Hassan said that the world today stood clearly divided into two bloc s, the Muslims and the non Muslims. On one hand, the Muslims were being killed as insects. The US had ransacked Iraq and put millions of Iraqi Muslims to death for no cause. Terrorism had been let loose on the Muslims in the name of war against terror. However, the champions of human rights were blind to the bloodletting in Myanmar at the hands of bigoted Buddhists.

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