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PPP finals its names for election battle in Lahore

Bushra AitzazAziz Ur Rehman ChannTariq Basheer Mayo NA 129Samina Khalid GhurkiLahore:Pakistan Peoples Party has selected its players both for National Assembly and Punjab Assembly for elections battle in Lahore.

According to PPP sources former Prime Minister Syed Yosaf Raza Gilani’s close friend Asif Hashmi will be the candidate from NA.118,Malik Sohail from NA-119,Zubair Kardar NA 120, Aurangzeb Burki NA-121,Barrestor Makhdoom Mehmood ul Hassan NA-122, Aziz ur Rehman Chann NA-123,Wife of Barrestor Aitzaz Ahsan Bushra Aitzaz NA 124,president’s Advisor Naveed Chaudhary NA-125,former governor’s son Khurram Latif Khosa NA-127,former MNA Tariq Basheer Mayo NA-129 and former federal minister Samina Khalid Ghurki from NA-130 will contest from these constituencies.Aslam Gill could be the candidate from NA-126 and Arshad Ghurki from NA-128.
Asif HashmiNaveed Ch
Aslam GillAsif Hashmi will also contest for Punjab Assembly seat from PP-138,former Nazim Mian Majid PP-139,Afshan Ameer ud Din PP-140,Shahid Abbas PP-141,former Nazim Arif Naseem Kashmiri PP-142,Zahid Ali Shah PP-144,Haji Imdad Hussain PP-145,Zahid Zulfiqar Khan PP-146,Bilal Asghar PP-147,Naeem Zafar PP-148,Mirza Amjad Baig PP-149,Asif Nagra PP-150,Dr Zahid Bukhari PP-151,Javaid Akhtar PP-152,PPP former secretary general Jahangir Badr’s son Zulfiqar Ali Badr,Faisal Mir PP-154,Ashraf Bhatti PP-155,Iftikhar Niazi PP156,Amjad Ali Jatt PP-160,Col Tariq PP-161will contest on PPP’s platform.

PML-Q’s Yosaf Ahad Malik PP-137, Habib Ullah-PP-149 could be the joint candidates for PPP and Q-League.

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