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Munawar Hassan hands over 3ambulances to the Al-Khidmat Foundation

Lahore: Syed Munawar Hassan

He was addressing a ceremony held to deliver ambulances to the Al-Khidmat Foundation, the welfare wing of the JI, here on Tuesday. Three ambulances have been handed over for relief work in the flood affected districts of D.G. Khan, Rajanpur, and Rahimyar Khan.

JI, Punjab chief, Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar, also spoke on the occasion. Provincial chief of the Al- Khidmat, Rao Muhammad Zafar, was also present.
In his address, Syed Munawar Hasan said that Pakistani’s society comprised of people who were deprived of the basis needs as price spiral had crippled the big junk of the society. In such a situation, he said, it was the moral and religious duty of the well to do to come to the help of their less fortunate brethren.

The JI Ameer deplored that in every natural calamity, the civil administration was unable to discharge its duties while the private welfare organizations alone were seen busy in the relief and rehabilitation work. He said that in the recent floods and earthquakes, the concerned government employees were seen shifting the relief goods to private storages while the Al-Khidmat Foundation played the major role in relief work. He said that scores of NGOs who received huge funds from abroad in the name of relief, were absent from the field.

He said that the Al-Khidmat Foundation had a vast net work which had won the hearts of the people through its timely relief activities and its work in the fields of health and education was expanding gradually.

Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar told the ceremony that as many as 115 ambulances had been imported from Japan and were busy in the service of the poor and the deserving people in the province.

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