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J Salik protests against Selection of Minorities instead of Election

Lahore: Christians are suffering due to Selection instead of Election which are not the true and genuine representation of the Christians because they are not elected by the votes of Christians; they are only selected by the political parties for their own benefits. This is violation of Article 226 and open discrimination

Minority ministry has been terminated after 26 years and have established other Eight ministries which are unnecessary and illegal. According to constitution 1973 President of Pakistan cannot be from minority and then according to 18th Amendment no one from minorities can be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Moreover, they have set a frame of Selection for minorities to keep them as political slaves under them; it is totally a conspiracy against minorities

J Salik has challenged the 18th amendment into Supreme Court and says that this is totally an Illegal Assembly, violation of the Constitution (Article: 226). He challenged the ordinance of Gen Pervez Musharraf regime in Supreme Court of Pakistan and said that the said section directly effect the rights of minorities to chose their representatives for assemblies through their direct votes

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