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Bilawal leaves for Dubai after life thearts

Bilawal Bhuttoo with his father Asif Ali ZardariLahore: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will not be leading the party’s election campaign after party officials confirmed that his departure for Dubai.

The departure of the PPP’s chairman has caused some trouble within the party, which has been counting on him to appeal to voters as a member of the Bhutto progeny.

“Bilawal had been projected as the PPP’s star campaigner as the president cannot participate in the campaign due to pressure from the courts,” a PPP leader said.

“Without Bilawal, the PPP cannot touch the emotions of the people, especially the hard core PPP workers,” added the PPP leader.

Sources within the party have said that Bilawal will not be present at Garhi Khuda Buksh on April 4 when PPP launches its election campaign, but they contend it’s for security reasons and that he will deliver a telephonic address instead.

Latif Khosa, recently elected secretary general of the PPP, told that there were security threats to the party’s leadership, especially Bilawal.

He said: “Bilawal may not attend election rallies due to security concerns and is likely to address gatherings on telephone or via video-conferencing.”

PPP spokesman Qamar Zaman Kaira too said Bilawal would not attend the rally because he was facing an extraordinary amount of threats.

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