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NH&MP sports festival begins

DSC_0221DSC_0068Lahore: 2nd inter zonal sports festival of National Highways & Motorway Police has started today at2 (2)DSC_0238 training college at Sheikhupura which would end on 29th March, 2013. Nine games have been included in the festival including Volle Ball, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Rasa Kashi(Tug of War) and Athletics.

The team of five zones of NH&MP, Headquarters and training college are participating in the festival. Inspector General, NH&MP Zafar Abbas Lak inaugurated the sports festival by lighting the sports torch. The festival was started with the colorful events, in which all teams presented the march past.

IG, NH&MP Zafar Abbas Lak said in his address that sports activities always play a healthy role in the community and society. He said that NH&MP have achieved the highest respect and professionalism in the country and has also changed a police culture in Asia which is not only appreciable but also invites the others institutions to evolve it. He said that NH&MP officials also achieve the same heights in the games which they have earned in their professionalism, which would also open new doors of success for NH&MP. He hoped that these officers would present the best example of sports man spirit and would also make them as a professional sportsman and one day they would also highlight the name of the country in the sports field. He said that sports activities always generate the environment of tolerance and the struggle to achieve the success.

He said that NH&MP will recruit professional players in deferent fields who would be provided the opportunity to represent the NH&MP at national and international level.

The Commandant training college Dr. Muhammad Shafiq said in his opening address that behind this sports festival is that sports always create physical development which creates numerous good developments in a person’s life. He appreciated the efforts of Training College’s team for holding such sports festival. He said sports activities are essential part of a human body whereas it is more essential in the forces and need regular feature to sports activities apart from professionalism.

He said that NH&MP is organizing every year sports festival on inter zonal basis, which is generating healthy atmosphere among the force. He hoped that all players should act with a true sports man spirit and would accept the decisions of the referees, as defeat is the part of game and defeat always gives a lesion to move forward.

Today games were played, in which west zone(Quetta) won the Tug of War and Motorway Zone won the volley bal as well 100 meter race (JPO Jawad Khan won the 100 meter race).

On the occasion IG NH&MP Zafar Abbas Lak also inaugurated the new build NH&MP Sports Complex.

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