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GCDA gives farewell lunch to Kh Salman

DoctorsLahore: General Cadre Doctors Association (GCDA) and executive doctors association hosted a lunch in the honor of ex special assistant to the chief minister on health Khawja salman rafique.

The guest of honors includes the secretary government of the Punjab health department, cap (R ) Arif Nadeem, additional secretary health Mr. isfand yar khan, deputy secretary health Faisal azeem, Tanveer Majid, Principal Allama Iqbal Medical College, Prof dr Mahmood Shaukat, President General Cadre Doctors Association Punjab dr masood Akhtar sheikh, dr Haq Nawaz Bharwana, dr rana rafique, dr asad abbas shah, dr Asim farooqui, dr shahid choohan, dr Khawja mahboob, dr anjum jamal, dr badar, ex medical superintendent dental hospital dr mateen, and many other . Addressing the gathering GCDA president dr masood sheikh said that the duration of Khawja salman rafique was studded with memories, the service structure was the major mile stone in the history of doctors community, he said that this achievement will long be remembered by the doctors community.

He said that Khawja salman was a gem of a person and he gives all his time to department, worked hard for the betterment of the doctors community, he responded to the call of the doctors day and night and has was of the views that all problem shall be sorted out by negotiation. He had never torture any doctors and was a soft hearted man. Dr Masood sheikh said that the doctors will remember his services for a long time, he is only leaving the department but he will live in our heart for ever. Addressing the meeting dr haq Nawaz bharwana said that the service structure is a joint venture of all the doctors association and we are custodian to it. He added that without a positive role by Khawja salman this would not have been possible. He said that there had been times when the tension was growing up in the doctor’s community, but he stood in this situation and was successful in overcoming this.

He said that his guidance will be with us for a long time to come. The secretary government of the Punjab capt ( R) Arif said that Khawja salman and the department have mutually learned from each other and he assisted us in all the matters, we were with him in all the matters, and the beurocracy have given him true picture of the situation as we have lot of trust on him. We pray that he may come back with more energy and continue to serve the nation with the same zest. Addressing the gathering DG health Dr Nisar cheema said that we are not saying farewell to Khawja salman, but it is the beginning of a new relationship, and we hope that this will go a long way.

Speaking on the occasion Khawja salman rafique thanked the general cadre doctors association dr masood sheikh, all office bearers, dr bharwana and other for supporting this progress in the department. He said that he would have given more time to the department if the distractions would not have been there. He thanked the doctors community and specially GCDA and executive doctors for holding such a nice farewell.

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