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Fire Safety Commission holds meeting at the Intersafe International Fair

Lahore: The meeting of the Fire Safety Commission was held at the Intersafe International Fire, Security Trade Fair and Conference at the Lahore EXPO Center. The purpose of the meeting was to get feedback from the Fire Safety Firms exhibiting at the EXPO Center and the health and safety officers attended the conference. The meeting was attended by the DG Rescue Punjab Dr. Rizwan Naseer and eminent safety lawyer Ahmad Rafay Alam.

Khurram, hailing from Dubai, revealed that there was a Department of Protective Systems in Dubai which issues a building safety certification compulsory to get approval from Government to construct a building. He said that there should be preliminary trainings regarding fire protective equipments and at least one Health & Safety certified person should be the employee in the firm/industry.
Syed Saad, (Safe & Sound Engineering), said that subjects on Fire & Safety should be added in course outline of colleges and universities to create awareness among students.

Momin Arif said there was lack of accountability of the persons, who pass such buildings without ensuring fire safety arrangements, but now this should be made mandatory that no building would be passed without such ensuring. Syed Najm ul Hassan, Safety In-charge (Kot Addo Power Plant) said that Safety Culture should be promoted and the people should know how to evacuate in case of emergency. Aamir (Haseen Habib Corporation Lahore), emphasized on manufacturers to introduce standardized and approved fire & safety equipment and firms of Fire & Safety should be authorized.

Dr. Sohail, Ahmad Medix (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore, said that there was dire need of enforcement regulatory authority to monitor fire protection system of buildings before their completion and implementation of rules and regulations.Abdul Hameed, said that a large number of power plants and industries were violating rules whereas safety officers are also not working properly regarding fire prevention and fire equipments.

Mujeed Khan, Safety Manager (PC Hotel Lahore), said that there are deficiencies in the fire safety system in Pakistan, as the chief reason is that already existing rules are not being implemented.

Imran Warriach PLUM Qinqgi Motors, Kamran Khan Dupond and Abdullah also spoke on this occasion.

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