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Special desk for compensation is functional at Joseph Colony

Lahore: A spokesman of District Government Lahore has explained about the compensation cheques given by Government of the Punjab to affected people of Joseph Colony. It has been clarified that the report published in a section of press in this regard is not based on facts. The Survey Committee consisting of 4 Government officials and 5 members from the Christian Community recorded 114 houses warranting repair and 266 affected families for provision of cash compensation. Cheques worth over Rs.130 Million for affected families were handed over after adopting a transparent procedure on March, 11th.

The spokesman mentioned that all the cheques were first validated by District Treasury Officer and then delivered to the affected families. Moreover, Special One Window Counters of District Treasury and Account Office, Bank of Punjab and NADRA were also established inside DCO’s Camp Office at Joseph Colony. He further said that approximately 20 percent of the affected families not having Bank Accounts or CNIC were helped at door steps. Similarly, a total of 21 affected families reported at the desk for want of minor corrections in their title on cheque which, after due verification, were resolved by March 14th.

The spokesman said that a certificate has been sought from the District Treasury Office about realization of all the cheques distributed by the District Administration in respective accounts of the affected families and its debit from the Provincial Exchequer. The same fact has also been verified on ground by the Survey Committee mentioned above.

The spokesman further reiterated that the special desk for compensation/cheque is functional at Joseph Colony since March 11th. Announcements by the District administration officials are made from time to time for extending help in case of any difficulty faced by affected families in drawl of cash, the spokesman concluded.

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