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Punjab Government is afraid of Tsunami Plus: Imran Khan

IMran Khan3Lahore: Members of Lahore editors club called upon Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan in Lahore at the Central Media Cell today March 19, 2013. In the meeting Imran Khan shared his thoughts over the current political situation of the country, followed by a Question and Answer session. The discussion focused upon PTI’s proposed policies and upcoming manifesto which is to be announced on 23RD March at Minar e Pakistan. Chairman Imran Khan in his discussion focused on the crippling economic condition of the country, along with PTI’s agenda to declare an emergency with regards to Revenue collection, Education and Health in order of priority. He further added that the only way to get rid of the entrenched status quo in Pakistan is to ensure a free and fair election with a massive voter turnout on the day of the election.

He strongly condemned the tactics being used to prolong PML-N’s stay in power as these would directly affect the election campaigns of all parties as we are already suffering from politics of ‘Thanas and Kachehri’s’ and misuse of government machinery. “This self serving behavior is against the spirit of the constitution because it envisages a neutral set during elections,” said Mr Khan. While answering questions regarding the upcoming Jalsa the Chairman said clinging onto power is a tactic being used to sabotage the gathering being planned and also establishing grounds for massive pre poll rigging.

Reiterating the fact that the Sharifs would stoop to any level to disrupt the event and maintain their hold in Punjab,Khan said that the removing of posters and hoardings by the city government is proof of the same. He further added that the Punjab government was feeling threatened by PTI’s March 23rd public gathering and creating hurdles in its arrangement. He said that such non-cooperative attitude of the local administration will not deter people from supporting PTI. “However we are not afraid as now the people of Pakistan will be the deciding factor,” concluded Mr Khan.

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