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Overseas Pakistani has great regard for Nawaz Sharif: Javaid Malik

Advisor Javed Malik, Ch. Tanvir, Ch. Shafeeq, AW PALNawaz SharifLahore: Pakistanis living overseas have expressed their deep appreciation to Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for including PMLN Overseas Business & Professionals Forum in the party manifesto and thanked him for giving a voice to the millions of Pakistanis that live and work outside Pakistan but their hearts continue to beat with Pakistan. Pakistan Muslim League International held a consultative session in Dubai to pay tribute to Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

Speaking on the occasion, Adviser Foreign Relations to former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Javed Malik said that President Pakistan Muslim League (N), Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is equally popular among Pakistanis Living outside Pakistan just like he is the most popular leader inside Pakistan and this popularity is continuing to grow with each passing day due to his visionary leadership and statesman like conduct which is the main reason that has strengthened democracy in Pakistan.

The consultative meeting held in Dubai was attended by Presidents and senior officer bearers of the Pakistan Muslim League International took part including President,Chaudhary.Noorul Hasan Tanvir, V President Chaudhary. Shafi,President UAE, Chaudhary Mohammad Altaf, VP UAE Ghulam Mustafa Mughal,President Dubai Abdul Waheed PAL, and other Presidents and senior office bearers representing various Emirates. During the meeting deliberations were held on Party Manifesto and to finalize arrangements to hold Pakistan Day Celebrations in UAE, and all the leaders expressed their confidence in the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and expressed their appreciation for giving a voice to Overseas Pakistanis by including the PML Overseas Business & Professionals Forum as part of the party Manifesto.

The leaders also agreed to celebrate Pakistan Day in UAE with grace and patriotic fervor and said that they will continue to serve their country even though they are physically outside Pakistan. Discussions were also held about the forthcoming elections and the leaders present expressed their keen desire to return to Pakistan during the election campaign and work alongside their brothers and sisters in Pakistan and motivate the electorate to come out from their houses and take an active part in the electoral process by casting their vote. The leaders stated that by excellent governance and performance in the province of Punjab where despite the limited resources the Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has set an example of public service by delivering to the common man in fields of education, healthcare, and social welfare by not only announcing projects but actually delivering them.

The appreciated the Chief Minister for his tireless efforts
and paid tribute to his dedication. Adviser to President PMLN, Javed
Malik also appreciated the workers and leaders of Pakistan Muslim
League International. He said that Pakistan Muslim League has a
vibrant International chapter which has dedicated and sincere workers
who continue to work for organizing the party and offer their service
to contribute to Pakistan through the PMLN Platform under the
leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Shaif.

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