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Tahir ul Qadri boycotts forthcoming elections

Pakistan Awami Tehrek has boycotted the forthcoming elections as promised elections reforms were not implemented,this was disclosed by the party’s QuaidTahir ul Qadri addressing a big public rally in liaqat bagh,rawalpindi Allama Tahir ul Qadri in a big public rally here at Liaqat Bagh ,Rawalpindi.

Sheikh ul Islam said ,it would be useless to participate in election without electoral reforms,old and bad faces would be re-elected in a corrupt electoral systems,change could not be brought in present system.The Election Commission that could not barred the corrupt and dishonest people from taking part in election,how could it manage transparent elections,he added.

Dr Tahir ul Qadri said Pakistan Awami Tehrek will hold sit-in on the elections day out side every polling station.Election Commission was equally responsible in the loot and plunder of the rulers by justifying issuance of development funds of the billions,he maintained.

He lashed the rulers for opening banks on Saturday ,having 18 miniseries,and approving life time perks on the last day of the assembly.

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