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Transparency International Pakistan gives another certificate to Punjab Government

Lahore: After metro bus project and Ujala programme, the Transparency International Pakistan has also declared laptop scheme of Punjab government as completely transparent. In a letter written to Secretary Higher Education, Transparency International Pakistan has stressed that procurement process of one lakh laptops by Punjab government was done in accordance with laid down rules and regulations, while all laptops were purchased in a transparent manner along with Windows 7 software.

In a letter, the Transparency International Pakistan has pointed out that procurement process of laptops was initiated in July 2012 for which tenders were published in national newspapers on 30th and 31st July. A special committee was formulated to review offers extended by various companies for supply of laptops in order to ensure transparency of the purchasing process. The special committee selected four companies of international repute for provision of laptops after a detailed scrutiny. Later, out of these successful companies, one company offered to provide laptops, related additional accessories and equipment on low rates, which was approved by the committee, after a detailed review. Five letters of credit were opened in Punjab Bank for procurement of one lakh laptops, which, according to Transparency International Pakistan, have been received by the Punjab government. It may be mentioned that Punjab government has also made available copies of contract of procurement of laptops, metro bus project and Ujala programme to National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

A spokesman of Punjab government said that Punjab government had itself requested the Transparency International Pakistan to review standard of procurement process of metro bus project, Ujala programme and laptop scheme. He said that, declaring of these three projects completely transparent by the Transparency International Pakistan, has silenced the critics. The spokesman said, after authentication of Transparency International Pakistan that all development projects of Punjab government are 100 percent corruption-free, the assertion of Chief Minister has been vindicated in which he had said, “if corruption of even a single penny is proved in any project of Punjab government, I will be accountable to the people”, which reflected Chief Minister’s confidence and honesty. The spokesman said Pakistan Muslim League-N has not wasted even a single day of its rule, and has served the people day and night. He said time will prove that Punjab government had formulated development projects keeping in view the demands of the future, while those who are criticizing metro bus project today, would come to realize its usefulness tomorrow once they will themselves travel by it.

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