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Ch Shujaat did not watch Mujra:Kamil Ali Agha

A step of DhamaalLahore:Pakistan Muslim League Central Information Secretary Kamil Ali Agha has said that describing “dhamal” on mystic poetry as “mujra” reflects sick mentality of political opponents, hypocrisy and double standards should be avoided.

In a statement issued here today that in the function organized by the Cultural Wing of our party different colours of national culture were presented and culture of all regions of Pakistan was presented through different sketches. He said “dhamal” is not only essential part of all public and cultural functions but always been performed on the shrines of saints and in the educational institutions.

Kamil Ali Agha further said that Pakistan Muslim League has representation not only in all four provinces, tribal areas and Gilgit and Baltistan but it also represents all sections of the civil society, people of all schools of thoughts are in it and people fully understand baseless propaganda against it.

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