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23rd March will be a deciding day:Imran Khan

Imran KhanLahore: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan stated that PTI has set new standards of democracy in Pakistan. He said that perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of PTI’s agenda is to create the first Democratic Party in Pakistan. He further added that, “The family parties that exist in Pakistan could not have dared to conduct such a gigantic task.

Pakistan has always been a pseudo democracy. To bring about the real change we need to revolutionize the political culture.” Referring to the differences that have arisen within the party as a result of the intraparty elections Mr Khan clarified all of this is necessary to sift the membership so that the political ideology matures and only those who stand for PTI’s ideology remain to fight the real fight. Talking about the upcoming general elections Imran Khan said that he firmly believes that his party will finally have a presence in the Pakistani government and they will be able to see off the “two family businesses” running Pakistan. He added that it is very evident now that the people of Pakistan are desperate for change and they will by stand by whoever promises to achieve it.

Answering a question regarding the upcoming jalsa on the 23rd of March 2013,Khan said that it . He termed it as the “Battle of Panipat.” “The fight this time will be in Punjab and the battle will begin on the 23rd. It will be a fight between the status quo and the anti status quo and PTI will fly solo in this fight as no alliances are possible with those who don’t want change, and especially PML-N. Forming an alliance with PML-N is out of the question.” Mr Imran Khan invited Mian Nawaz Sharif for an open debate on the challenges being faced by Pakistan where intellectuals and the common man can question their leaders as to what the country is heading towards. “Democracy does not exist if the people are not given the liberty. In a democracy, there must be no taxation without representation. The people should be able to ask questions from the government, they should also make it accountable. So, we will allow people to ask us questions, because for us, accountability is the basis of democracy. I invite anyone to come and ask whatever they want to.”

On being asked whether PTI has a contingency plan for this battle Mr Khan replied that when champions enter the field they don’t fear defeat, they believe that they can combat anyone and this is what PTI believes in. Mr Imran Khan concluded by saying that PTI is all set for the elections with a campaign that will be historic. He further added that the 23rd of March 2013 will be a day when Pakistan’s fate will be decided. He requested the nation to come and take a stand not for him but for them. “Very rarely do you see a country on the edge where it can change its destiny—where you move from the stagnant, corrupt society to a vibrant country with a future. If we can get this right, we hope to have a new Pakistan, a completely different country from what it is now.”

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