Friday , June 22 2018
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Punjab Govt once again failed to protect Christians:Akram Masih Gill

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League Central Minority Wing President and Minister of State for National Harmony Akram Masih Gill andAkram Masih Gill have strongly condemned “gherao jalao” of Christian community in Lahore and said that Shahbaz Sharif Govt has once again failed to protect the Christians and about 200 houses and shops of the Christians in Joseph Colony Badami Bagh have been set ablaze in the presence of police.

In a joint statement issued here today, they said that where were the Chief Minister Punjab, close aides and govt functionaries at the time of attack who are now shedding crocodiles tears and offering explanations on TV channels, despite prevalence of tension since yesterday the Provincial Govt left the Christians at the mercy of the rioters and did nothing for their protection.

PML leaders Minister of State Akram Masih Gill and MPA Engineer Shehzad Elahi have demanded that the Punjab Govt should fully compensate the affected for their properties immediately. They said that earlier also during the tenure of the present Provincial Govt bloody drama was enacted in Gojra and the officers who were held responsible in the judicial inquiry for negligence and lethargy in discharging their duties were posted at higher posts instead of being punished.

They pointedly stated that the minorities in particular the Christians have always played prominent role in the security and development of Pakistan but present provincial govt has always maltreated them and unable to discharge its duty of protecting their life and property. They said that such treatment with minorities is not appropriate at all.

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