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Masiha Millat Party continues their protest on the second day

Lahore: Human Liberation Commission and 100_4833100_4771100_4771against cruel act of religious extremists who aflame houses with households, churches and sacred religious books and Holy Bibles in Joseph Colony,Badami Bagh Lahore in front of Lahore Press Club. Protest was led by Chairman Human Liberation Commission Pakistan & leader Masiha Millat Party Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra, HLCP director international affairs Pastor Anwar Javed and Waqar Peter Gill.

Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra expressed his views addressing to the protestors that Police and law enforcement agencies left poor Christian helpless on the mercy and pity of religious terrorist attackers instead of their protection and Islamic extremists burnt the whole colony of poor Christian along with their households ,Holy Bibles and other sacred literature and now Chief Minister Punjab announced an amount of 2 lacks for each family which is equal to salting their wounds .

He added that we reject the judicial inquiry of Punjab Government and we want to remind Chief Minister Punjab that he must recall the inquiry report on Gojra incident where Christians were alive aflame in their houses with households, we all remember very well. Thus we demand that Chief Justice Supreme Court take suo moto notice of this injustice and culprits must be punished according to the country law, prior to this Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra with HLCP leaders Pastor Anwar Javed, Waqar Peter Gill,Aashir Rahi,Ilyas Khokhar, Ameen Masih Sohani and Bashir Masih chaudhry paid a visit at Joseph Colony and had a detailed survey of damages.

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