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Human Liberation Commission demands compensation for Joseph colony affectees

DSCN8362Lahore: Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra Chairman HLCP, Director International Affairs Pastor Anwar Javed ,Youth Coordinator Waqar Peter Gill, Finance Secretary Bashir Masih Chaudhry and Information Secretary Zeeshan Yaqoob with many Christian social, political and religious leaders led a protest of workers of Human Liberation Commission Pakistan in front of Lahore Press Club in account of burning houses, church and households in Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh,Lahore today.

Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra said that minorities in Pakistan are under attack of religious extremists while Punjab Government is giving them shelter and not taking such activities serious while securities agencies including police were already informed about the possible attack of militants on Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh Lahore but they did not made any serious move to stop violence on poor Christian.

Pastor Anwar Javed said that burning Christian houses on the name of religious blasphemy charges is a brutal and strongly condemnable act. Incident of Joseph Colony has reminded another incident of burning homes and households with burning live human in Gojra and on the other hand shameless Islamic religious ablaze and affront God’s word Holy Bibles and other sacred Christian literature, which is an open terrorism and a terrible act against Christian community in Pakistan.

Human Liberation Commission strongly condemn the brutal attack on Christian on the name of love with their prophet but they burnt hundreds of Bibles, Psalms and other sacred Christian literature along and destroyed the homes of peaceful Christian community. They demanded United Nation to take a serious notice of this cruel incident and inquire culprits and arrest them urgently.

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