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PML-N has given Voice to Overseas Pakistanis in Manifesto :Javaid Malik

Lahore: Adviser to Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Relations & Overseas Pakistanis has Thanked former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for accepting his recommendations & making Overseas Pakistanis Business & Professional Forum as part of PMLN Party Manifesto commitment ( Page 63 of PMLN Manifesto).

“The PMLN Manifesto released yesterday by PM Nawaz Sharif is indeed a glowing tribute to his visionary leadership as it lays down a road map for economic revival and building a peaceful, progressive and democratic Pakistan. It not only covers all the important aspects, but also proposes solutions for the challenges that face Pakistan in a timely, workable and meaningful manner”. This was stated by Adviser to Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Relations and Overseas Pakistanis.

“Personally, I am particular grateful to the Party President and the Party leadership for being gracious to accept my recommendations and making “Overseas Pakistanis Business & Professionals Forum” a part of the party’s manifesto. By doing so, Pakistan Muslim League (N) under the wise leadership of Mr. Nawaz Sharif has in fact given a voice to Pakistanis around the world, and given them a formal role in nation building process. Now they have a platform which gives them the mechanism to play a role in advising and assisting the government and playing a consultative role in decision making “.

Javed MalikThe Pakistanis living overseas appreciate this step and see PMLN as the party that can deliver for them, unlike other political parties who only “talk” PMLN under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif distinguishes itself by Actions. InshaALLAh after coming into government we will pave the way for ensuing that Overseas Pakistanis are respected, and their contributions appreciated, added Javed Malik who is the Special Adviser to Nawaz Sharif a coordinator of the Overseas Pakistanis Business & Professionals Forum.

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