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Nawaz, Zardari biggest ills of Pakistan:Imran Khan

Mansera_2Mansehra: Terming Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif as the biggest ills of the country, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday assailed Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaderships for getting together to grant amnesty to around four million tax evaders by approving tax amnesty bill and said that the secret alliance between the thieves, tax dodgers and plunderers had been exposed.

“This is another NRO aimed at legalizing the corruption of tax-evading big businessmen. The PPP and PML-N lawmakers have approved tax amnesty bill in the Standing Committee of National Assembly to provide legal cover to around four million tax evaders. This (move) has vindicated the secret alliance between both the parties who are stealing the national exchequer,” said the PTI chief while addressing public gatherings here on his two-day visit to Hazara Division.

“Let us join hands to bury these crooks who have been sucking your wealth. These corrupt are united to loot you time and again. This is time for you to get united and make life hell for them,” he said while addressing lively and charged crowds of thousands of participants of public gatherings held in Mansehra.

“Under the tax amnesty scheme, four million tax thieves will be given amnesty. This is another instance where the PPP and PML-N have decided to legalise corruption by dacoits who are sucking blood of the poor of Pakistan,” said Imran Khan.

Khan said that another such move was in the pipeline to waive-off duty on imported non-custom paid vehicles through releasing an SRO by the federal bureau of revenue (FBR) to benefit smugglers.
“As the election is fast approaching, both the parties afraid of the rising popularity of the PTI are making clandestine efforts to make as much money as possible,” said Imran Khan. He made it clear that the PTI with the support of energetic and passionate youth would inflict a punching defeat on both the parties even if they get united against the PTI, as in the next elections on one hand there would be corrupt mafia, interest and plunderers, while on the other there would be ideology and passion and the later would be prevailed.
“The difference between the PTI and rest of the parties is quite evident, as in the PTI workers have given the right to vote the crooks and looters out from the party by holding intra-party polls, but there is no such mechanism exist in other parties,” he added.

Imran Khan said that the days of traditional politics and family-limited parties were over and the time was rife for bringing about a real change and only the PTI had the capability and potential to turn the dream into a reality.

The PTI after coming into power would introduce a local bodies system under which the real power would be evolved to the general public, besides bringing new police system, as the force has been used by the rulers for their vested interests.

Imran Khan went on saying that the PTI would make Bilawal house, constructed on millions of rupees, a university because the public money was used in its construction.
“Pakistan is resource-rich country, but due to the corrupt rulers that the country is facing the prevailing untold problems, as the both the parties have been playing a ‘Noora-Kushti’, because corrupt has no choice but to sigh underhand deal, however, the people are well-aware and will vote them out in the coming elections,” he vowed.

The PTI Chief said that the Pak army would not be used against its own people and would disassociate the country from the war against terrorism and would transfer the real power to the masses and would make a Pakistan, a country where the people would come from abroad in search of jobs if the PTI was voted to power.
Imran Khan said that he started the mass drive to bring about a revolutionary change in the country, as the people were get fed up of the two family-limited parties, which had been ruling the country turn-by-turn.
He made it clear that the PTI was not providing any bribe fund its would-be MNAs and MPAs, as in the case of other political parties.

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