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CM distributes laptop among students of religious seminaries

CM PUNJAB-6Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan is facing very critical situation and terrorism and extremism have shaken the foundations of the country. He said it is very unfortunate that the blood of innocent people is being shed in the country. He said that the murderer and the murdered both are Muslims and there is massacre in the name of Islam. He said time has come to love our own people and face the Aghyaar bravely. He said besides students of universities and colleges, laptops are also being given to the students of religious seminaries on merit. He said that the students of seminaries would also benefit from the modern knowledge through laptops and get access to the scientific knowledge in the changing conditions of the world.

He was addressing a laptops distribution ceremony among male and female students of religious seminaries at Aiwan-e-Iqbal, here today. Provincial Minister for Auqaf, Ehsanuddin Qureshi, Special Assistant Zaeem Hussain Qadri, Members national and provincial assembly, senior officials, ulema of various schools of thought, mashaikh and a large number of male and female students of religious seminaries were present on the occasion. More than one thousand Faazil male and female students were given laptops during the function. A smart contingent of police presented guard of honour to the students.

Addressing the function, Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif lamented that those believing one Allah, one Holy Prophet (PBUH) and one Holy Book are divided in groups. He said that we are facing sectarian problems and tolerance has ended. He said that the need of unity is much more today than before. He said that we are divided on those issues on which we have to be united. The Chief Minister asked the audience to question themselves on what direction we are taking Pakistan. He said that Pakistan was not achieved for this purpose that the innocent people were killed and throats of each other was cut ruthlessly, we should bow before the Aghiyar and kill our own people. He said that the challenges and serious problems being faced by the country are very dangerous. We have to steer the country out of quagmire of problems unitedly. He said that if the massacre was not stopped, then God forbid we will all be ruined. The Chief Minister appealed to ulema, mashaikh and the male and female students of religious seminaries to play their role for saving the country otherwise history will never forgive us. He said that in 1971, Pakistan of Quaid was disintegrated and we did not learn any lesson from this tragedy. He made a fervent appeal that tolerance and patience should be promoted and respect is given to each other. He said that ulema and religious seminaries can play their effective role for promoting the sentiments of peace, brotherhood, love and sacrifice. He said that Pakistan can never be made an Islamic state through killing and slaughtering of each other. He said that innocent Muslims were martyred in Karachi, Quetta and Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah. On what direction we were taking to Pakistan, he questioned. He said what ideology of Pakistan we are promoting by slaughtering our own people. He said that Aghyaar are happy over our destruction as we ourselves are weakening the foundations of the country. He said that we have become a toy in the hands of Aghyaar. Shahbaz Sharif said that he is seeing Pakistan weakening. He said that every Pakistani will have to play his due role for strengthening the motherland and making it a haven of peace. He said that due to apathy of the rulers, there is darkness everywhere in the country, agriculture and industry have destroyed and the burden of loans on the nation has crossed 60 billion dollars. He said that a person giving wrong statement on dual nationality is telling lie day and night but he does not care about the statements of such a liar. What this person had done for the country during five years, he asked. He said that rectifying the country’s situation is not an easy job. He said that situation has become very serious and heavy responsibility lies on the teachers and hardworking students of religious seminaries to play their effective role keeping in view the present situation and promote the sentiments of brotherhood, love, peace and sacrifice. Shahbaz Sharif expressed the hope that the students after getting laptops will also become IT experts, scientists, doctors and engineers. He said that they will also get access to the knowledge according to the needs of present era as the minarets of development and prosperity can be constructed by achieving modern knowledge. He said although modern knowledge and information technology is being given in the seminaries of various schools of thought yet there is a need of expanding its scope. He appealed them to play their effective role for the survival of Pakistan. Ulema of various schools of thought also addressed the ceremony.

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