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Encashment is aimed to support the financial need of the retiring government officer

Lahore:  The general cadre doctors association president dr Masood Akhtar sheikh while addressing the execute committee meeting of GCDA on the issue of the leave encashment, said that encashment is aimed to support the financial need of the retiring government officer, and helps them to overcome their economic demands.

Recently this leave encashment rules has been revised by the regulation wing through a notification, where in the prime minister has been pleased to direct that the amendments shall be made in the revised leave rule 1980. Namely (1). For the word “one hundred and eighty; where ever occurring, the word “three hundred and sixty five “shall be substituted. (ii). The encashment in leave preparatory to retirement (LPR), not exceeding three hundred and sixty five days shall be effective from the first day of July 2012 and shall, for the entire period of leave refused or opted, for encashment, be applicable for the civil servant retired or as the case may be retiring on or after the first day of July 2012, provided that such leave is available at his credit subject to maximum of three hundred and sixty five days.

The notification says that the encashment of LPR shall also be applicable to employs the autonomous and semi autonomous bodies as well. The notification further says that that the leave pay for the purpose of encashment of LPR shall be computed on the basis of pay and allowances reckonable towards pension as shown in the last pay slip certificate of the civil servant. Dr Masood sheikh said that the  a notification of LPR is self explanatory and clearly shows that encashment of LPR has been increased to one year by the federal government, this has been implemented for the federal government employees and many provinces is also following this rule, dr Masood sheikh said the GCDA has demanded  that the leave encashment for one year may also be notified for the Punjab government employee’s.

Dr sheikh added that the leave encashment means that the government officer in his 60th year will either get double salary if he opts to continue serve the government, or will get the leave for one year with pay and allowances( if the orders are revised), while this will give an opportunity for the successor to work on his place.  Dr Sheikh that recently many notifications have been issued by the Punjab government to help their government employees, and recently regularization of the contractual employee’s has been a great breakthrough. He said that the Punjab government can win the heart of the senior government officer by announcing and notifying this leave encashment that will help all the officers.

Dr Masood sheikh added that GCDA has formulated a committee consisting of senior officers to submit their recommendations to the chief minister in this regard. The suggestion will soon be send to the chief minister secretariat for the Chief Minister .Dr rana Rafique, dr Asad Abbas shah, dr Arif Iftikhar, dr Asim farooqui, dr Amir Nazeer, dr Malik Riaz, dr shazia also spoke on the occasion and supported this issue, and demanded that the notification may be issued at an earliest.


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