Monday , May 28 2018
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Millions embezzled in Mayo Hospital

Lahore: Young Doctors Association of Pakistan has claimed that around 150 employees of the Mayo Hospital were taking double salary for the last 3 years and around 15.5 Million reportedly has been embezzled from the Public Exchequer by this criminal Act . The Administration of Mayo despite our repeated requests in last 3 years did not get a Bank Branch opened at the Hospital to shift the salaries of employees into the bank and instead continued with manual disbursement of Salaries .

This year when this Scam was pointed out the Administration has given a Show cause to all employees who were taking double salaries and directed them to refund them which have still not been recovered .

This act of Administration comes under corruption and the Responsible should have been arrested but nothing of this sort has been done,they added . YDA Pakistan has appealed to FIA authorities to probe into the matter.

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