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JI welcomes Train March for Karachi peace

Lahore: The Jamaat e Islami has welcomed the decision of all the opposition parties besides the democratic and social organizations at Karachi to hold train march for fresh delimitation of constituencies and preparation of correct voters lists in Karachi for the restoration of peace and in line with the Supreme Court orders.

JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, in a statement here on Sunday, said that Karachi was mini Pakistan as well as the economic hub of the country. This civilized and pro-poor city had been defamed because of the extortions, target killings, abductions for ransom and other crimes of the MQM.

He said that the elections in Karachi were nothing short of an ambush as the MQM secured extortion and bogus mandate on gun point.
Liaqat Baloch said that the democratic forces, the civil society as well as the trading community in the port city had now awakened and they were determined to root out the terrorists and extortionists from Karachi.

Liaqat Baloch was sure that the success of the train march would ensure transparent and impartial elections. He said so far, hurdles were being created in the compliance of the orders of the Supreme Court and the Election Commission. The MQM was bent upon subverting the orders of the Supreme Court and Election Commission with the connivance of the federal and the provincial governments.

He appealed to the masses from Karachi up to Rawalpindi to welcome the train march at their railway stations to express their support to the oppressed but brave political forces of the port city and their hatred for the target killers and extortionists.

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