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PTI election has set new norms in Pakistan: Imran Khan

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday congratulated the PTI workers on the completion of the second phase of the party elections, stating that the PTI workers had set a new model of true party’s polls in line with true democratic norms.

“It is no doubt a historic day in the political history of the country. You have rekindled the democratic process in Pakistan. You have set a new tradition,” said Imran Khan while addressing the PTI workers here.

By participating in the party election passionately, Imran Khan said, the PTI workers have demonstrated a new example for other parties.

“You have made it clear to other political parties who are pursuing politics of family dynasties, telling them that the party polls are not held in closed doors meetings and rather the polls are held openly and enthusiastically,” he added.

Blasting the political parties of family dynasties, Imran Khan said that the traditional political parties hold dummy election just to deny any opportunity to their workers to get elected against any major office.

“The so-called politicians are afraid of true party election and that is why they are afraid of the PTI. They are happy to holding dummy election and getting elected the people of their choice against major offices,” he said, adding that such politicians were actually dictators who wanted to keep their control on their parties.

The PTI chairman added that the traditional political parties would never be democratic as the top leadership of those parties was having dictatorial mindsets.

Calling upon the party workers to gel together again after the party polls, Imran Khan said that all those who had won or lost the election should now work in harmony as all of them were following the same ideology.

Referring to the incidents of violence against the journalists during the party election in Gujranwala, Imran Khan said that those found involved in the shame incident would be dealt with by the party’s election commission as a committee was investigating the matter.

“The party’s ECP would take to task anyone involved in the violence against media,” he maintained.

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