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Nobody will dare to postpone elections:Nawaz Sharif

CM PUNJAB-2 (3)CM PUNJAB-1 (2)President Pakistan Muslim League-N, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that nobody will dare to postpone elections and the future governments will come and go only with the power of votes. He said that though the present government has completed its five years’ tenure but it has given nothing except unemployment, extortion and bloodshed while it has spared no effort to push the country to bankruptcy. He further said that Pakistan was progressing rapidly in 1990 but the situation now is totally different and the people are leaving the country with their capital to save their lives.

He was talking to journalists after meeting with Pir Pagara at Kangri House, today. Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Ch. Nisar, Syed Ghaus Ali Shah and other senior leaders of PML-Functional and PML-N were also present on the occasion. Nawaz Sharif said that there will be no longer negative politics in the country. He said that talks are in progress with the political parties for jointly contesting the general elections in Sindh. He said that detailed negotiations were held in his today’s meeting with Pir Sahib Pagara regarding seat adjustment for the forthcoming general elections and a consensus has been reached between PML-N and PML-Functional. He said that nationalist parties will also be included in the alliance and the elections will be held on time. He said that instead of hatching conspiracies, the government should pay attention to the holding of fair and free elections.

Pir Sahib Pagara said that the idea of alliance with PML-N was discussed by his father during a meeting with Mian Nawaz Sharif which has now been materialized. He said that the whole country was plunged in darkness and it has never happened in the 65 years’ history of the country. He said that all this has happened under a conspiracy. He demanded of Chief Justice to take suo moto notice of the recent blackout.

Talking to the media-men at Karachi airport, Nawaz Sharif welcomed the statement of Army Chief on elections and said that what is happening in the politics of Sindh is the outcome of mutual agreement between the government and its allies and the people of Sindh can see through these dramas and the real facts will be exposed in a few days. He said that the government and its allies are enacting these kinds of dramas at the final stages of their tenure only for the purpose of rigging in the elections but such conspiracies will not be allowed to succeed. He said the way MQM has parted ways with the government shows that it is a part of a plan before the elections. He said that a number of facts will be revealed shortly. He said that the non-receipt of the resignation of Governor Sindh is also result of the collusion of PPP and MQM.

Later, Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif along with the senior leaders of PML-N went to the residence of the leader of Jamat-e-Islami late Prof. Abdul Ghafoor and offered ‘fateha’ for the departed soul. They also extended condolences to the bereaved family. They said that Prof. Ghafoor always played a positive role in steering the country out of constitutional and political crisis and his services for the continuity and promotion of parliamentary system will always be remembered. Commenting on the Karachi situation, Mian Nawaz Sharif told media that negative politics will not be allowed in the country. He said that five thousand people were murdered during the last five years but the government has not arrested even a single person. He said that people of Karachi are fed up with politics and they want peace and law and order in Karachi in the interest of progress and prosperity of the country. Nawaz Sharif further said that Karachi is the economic gateway of the country and its status will be restored as a city of lights. He said that if elections in Karachi were not transparent, it will be a big smear on the country. He said that Election Commissioner should pay special attention to Karachi. He said that instead of trying to win seats in Karachi, efforts should be made to free the country from the hold of criminal elements. He said that PML-N is ready to play its role for restoring peace and normalcy in Karachi. He said that negotiations are being held with all political parties to promote an atmosphere of cooperation and jointly contest forthcoming elections. Later, Nawaz Sharif went to the residence of former Speaker National Assembly Elahi Bakhsh Sumoro and offered ‘fateha’ on the death of his son.

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