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JI Shoora announces support to Kashmiris

Lahore: The central Shoora of the Jamaat e Islami has paid rich tributes to the Kashmiris for continuing their liberation movement and announced its full support to that.
A resolution adopted by the Shoora has strongly condemned the double standard of the United Nations and other international who were totally silent over massacre of the innocent Kashmiris at the hand of the Indian occupation forces in held Kashmir as if the Muslims blood carried no weight. It said that this fully exposed the true nature of these so called champions of civilization.

The Shoora also noted that while India was trying to turn this country into desert by diverting its river water and building dams over Pakistani rivers, the Pakistani rulers and officials had completely failed to make out their case before the International Commission. The Shoora stressed that as long as New Delhi did not accept Kashmir as disputed territory and agreed to meaningful dialogue on the issue, there should be no agreement with it. It said that expanding trade and cultural ties with India sans the solution of the Kashmir issue was tantamount to betraying the Kashmiris.

The JI Shoora stressed upon the government to play a courageous role in the UN Security Council regarding the Kashmir liberation movement. It appreciated the Muslim countries support to the Kashmiris liberation struggle at the recent OIC meeting held at Cairo and urged the Pakistan government to start an aggressive movement on the diplomatic front to stop Indian state terrorism against the Kashmiris, and thereby ensuring their liberation.

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