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CM travels by Metro Bus

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif paid a surprise visit to metro bus system and traveled by it as an ordinary passenger. The Chief Minister reviewed provision of facilities made available to the travelers. He was accompanied by Country Director of Asian Development Bank Werner Liepach.

The Chief Minister stood in the queue, like an ordinary traveler, and got his token at Ittefaq Bus Station. Due to heavy rush in the bus, the Chief Minister travelled while standing, from Ittefaq Station to Yaadgar Chowk.

Travelers expressed their pleasant surprise over finding the Chief Minister amongst them, and congratulated the Chief Minister over initiation of metro bus service.

The passengers told the Chief Minister that he should also solve the electricity problem, as he has rectified the antiquated transport system, upon which Chief Minister replied that, if Allah gave another opportunity, the electricity system would also be improved. He said people have expressed their vigorous confidence on metro bus system, while the number of travelers has now reached over more than one lakh 30 thousand passengers.

The travelers informed the Chief Minister that previously they had to change two buses, while now they can reach their destination on a single bus, for which they are thankful to Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on introducing such a modern system of buses. Country Director Asian Development Bank said that he enjoyed traveling on metro bus, which is a great transport project made for the convenience of the people, besides being a splendid achievement of Punjab government.

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