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Punj Darya media conference demands free visa facilities for journalists

DSC_1000DSC_1020DSC_0999H S Sing is addressing punj darya conference
Chandi Garh :Fifth Punj Darya Conference has demanded that journalists from both countries (India and Pakistan)should be given police exempted visa for whole country.The conference was arranged by Chandi Garh and Lahore Press Club jointly.Provincial minister of finance ,Harminder Singh Chatha was the chief guest.A large number of journalists including Editors of different news papers also attended the meeting while senior correspondent of the daily Hindu Surbajit Singh Pandher play the role of stage secretary.

The chief guest H S Chatha ,while addressing to the participants said love was the common thing among the people of both sides.He born in Pakistan’s district Toba Tek Sing and grown up in India ,he love both the countries.He was warmly welcomed by the natives when he visited his birth place along with his ,he got so much love affection and care from the people of his village.He can say”people want to meet and live with each other.1947 was the thing of past,now the time has changed.People who wanted to go either to Pakistan or to India should be allowed to go and meet their friends.He said ,most of us even can not make passport and bear the expanses of the travelling but they can visit Pakistan or India as it is much cheaper,he concluded.

President Chandi Garh Press Club Sukhbir Sing Bajwa in his welcoming address said we always feel proud and hounerd to receive the friends from Lahore as when ever we visited the historical city of Lahore,we weregiven marvelous reception.Mr Bajwa said despite being a journalist and number of announcement about free VISA ,we are still facing visa problems.We wish Lahore press club and Chandi Garh press club should be given special visa.When ever we started our visa procedure,we have to face all these problems that are being faced by the common man,he added.

Sukhbir Singh Bajwa said Pakistan and India should start exchange of students delegation of mass communication so people could be come together and a atmosphere of understanding and friendship could be brought up.

President Lahore Press Club Arshad Ansari said the mission we had started in 2005 ,was initiated by the Chandi Garh press club.We had many fears in our minds when we were travelling first time to India,all of us were thinking that what would be happened to us but when we came here and meet the people we found a different India.Now Islamabad, Delhi and Karachi,Mumbai press clubs are trying to work together to bring the people more close and friendship.He said there are terror attacks in few parts of the country but our over all law and order situation is good here in Pakistan, Pakistan is a peaceful and friendly country,he added.

Mr Ansari said some channels role is not good to be appreciated as the create hype to sale the news,panic was being created by these channels and people think there might be lawlessness every where in Pakistan.Media make up the minds of the public so it is their duty to avoid such news that can spread panic among people.

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