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Nawaz Sharif condemns Quetta Killings

Mian Nawaz SharifLahore: President Pakistan Muslim League-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has strongly condemned the killing of more than 80 people in Quetta. He said that the entire nation is in a state of shock over this incident of terrorism.

In a statement, Nawaz Sharif said that this tragic incident has once again proved that there is no government in Balochistan and the federal government has also failed to fulfill its responsibilities. He said that the government has neither given any importance to human lives nor taken the issue of law and order seriously during the last five years. He said that despite clear directions of Supreme Court, no serious effort was made by the government for dealing with the criminals and stopping killings.

Nawaz Sharif said that Hazara community is continuously facing terrorism and the government is not fulfilling its responsibilities of protection of life and property of the people. He said that the whole nation is in a state of shock and our heads have bowed with shame. Nawaz Sharif said that it is also failure of our secret agencies that they are unable to find the network of those committing such incidents. He said that if such terrorist activities are not stopped in Quetta and other parts of the country, God forbid nothing will be safe.

While praying for the departed souls of Hazara community, Nawaz Sharif expressed heartfelt sympathies with the heirs and assured every possible help and support by PML-N. He further said that the government should give top priority to arrest the culprits and ensure protection of the tribe facing continuous terrorism. He said that if Pakistan intends to live in the comity of civil nations then strict accountability should be made of those who are playing this game of blood irrespective of any affiliation.

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