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Govt has failed to protect Hazaras: PML-N

Tariq Azeem 2Lahore: The PML-N Monday slammed the PPP-led government for its failure to protect citizens, particularly the Hazara community in the violence-hit Balochistan.
“On one hand, target killings of innocent Hazaras go unabated, while on the other, the president lives in a bomb-proof palace,” PML-N’s leader Senator Tariq Azim said in a statement, referring to the Rs 5 billion Bilawal House President Zardari owns in Lahore.

He said that the PML-N stands by the victims of Hazara community and would provide them all-out security when it comes to power.
He claimed that the government lacks will, commitment and ability to restore peace in Balochistan and this is evident from the fact that after civilian government the Governor’s Rule has proved futile too in improving the situation.

Tariq Azim demanded that the government stop spending public money on its luxuries and instead focus on the plight of innocent Hazaras.

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