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PPP and PML-N playing cat and mouse game:Imran Khan

Imran Khan is addressing public gathering in Toba Tek SingToba Tek Sing:Chairman Pakistan Tehrek-e- Insaf Imran Khan has said That Zardari,Nawaz alliance has ruined the country,both are now trying to cheat the public again to loot and plunder,he was addressing a large gathering in Toba Tek Sing.Imran Khan said Nawaz Sharif remained three and half years in government and knowingly over looked the corruption only for his turn but Zardari broke all his dreams and now they are playing cat and mouse game to be-fool the masses.

Upon his arrival, Imran Khan was given a rousing welcome by the people of Toba Tek Singh district and flower petals were showered upon the PTI chief. Former District Nazim Ch Mohammad Ashfaq, Kashif Ashfaq and other local leaders welcomed the PTI chief.

“The people should prepare from the upcoming elections, as the time is ripe to get rid of the corrupt and tested ruling junta, which have been squeezing the blood of the people for the last 25 years and looting the national wealth without any punctuation,” Imran Khan added. He vowed that the days of the two major parties were of number and the PTI would take their wickets together after few weeks.PTI would make Pakistan a progressive, developing and welfare state in which there would be no place for looters, corrupt and greedy politicians, Imran Khan pledged, adding that in the new Pakistan the rich and poor would have enjoyed equal status.

Chairman PTI said time has proved that they only oppose to put chilies in the eye of public but people have known to them and they won’t deceived by these certified corrupt so-called leaders.Imran Khan vowed that PTI would bold their in just one ball with the help of poors and the common man.He said he promised party election and he did it.PTI workers elected their representatives,first time in the political history of Pakistan a common man elected as a city president.

Imran Khan said,when we demand negotiation with Taliban,all the political opponent called me Taliban Khan but now all the parties demanding talks with Taliban.If my suggestion accepted than Pakistan would have not suffered to big loss of human lives.He said PTI will change the fate of the people after coming into power.Pakistan will never see to IMF and World Bank,millions of jobs will be created and tax net would be improve,he concluded.

Imran Khan called upon President Asif Ali Zardari to announce schedule of general election forthwith, so that the country could get rid of the prevailing uncertainty.

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