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APC conclusions is a vindication of PTI stand:Imran Khan

IMran Khan3Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan has condemned the terrorist attack on Chief Minister KPK Amir Haider Khan Hoti. In a statement issued today from Islamabad, he said that terrorism is totally unacceptable.

Commenting on the conclusions of the All Parties Conference organized by ANP he said that it is interesting that now most of the political parties are emphasizing talking to the Taliban, while PTI has had a consistent stand that only the use of military force can never solve insurgencies. “The fact that other political parties have come to realize the importance of negotiations is a vindication of long held PTI stance on the Taliban”, said Imran Khan.

Soon he said these politicians would also understand the critical importance of disassociating from the US war on terror. The only way to fight insurgencies, said Chairman PTI, is to understand its ideological motivation. “What the Taliban have been able to do is turn this conflict into a war between Islam and the Infidels. This narrative has been reinforced by constant drone attacks in which over 4000 people have been killed including women and children”, said Mr. Khan. The only viable strategy has to be taking away this Jihadi narrative and thus deprive the Taliban of the ideological basis of their war.

According to Imran Khan, The Talibans have been able to use Pakistan’s partnership with the Americans as a motivational tool to prepare suicide bombers for attack on targets within the country with the resultant loss of over 40,000 lives. It is therefore imperative that Pakistan disassociates from the America’s war. Once this credibility is established, a peace initiative would give dividends. “Talks too have to be within a context and this will only emerge once we are out of this partnership with the Americans”, said Mr. Khan

When asked why PTI not took part in the APC, he said that with elections around the corner this was not the right time for this kind of conference.

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